Vibroacoustic products: Testimonials


I use (it) every day in my music classes. For many students, who are normally quite hyperactive, it relaxes them as they experience the music, and they are able to attend throughout the whole class. I also have many students who are hearing impaired. These students are able to participate in class more completely because they can feel the music. I also use it with teenagers who have various disabilities. They love to experience pop music on the Soundbox.

Bonnie Arpin, Music Teacher, Crotched Mountain School, New Hampshire, USA


... has something to offer children whatever their sensory disability. We have connected it to Soundbeam, to a cassette recorder and to a synthesiser. The vibration that comes through the bed is quite powerful, and is enjoyed by children who have very little vision or hearing. Older pupils come in to the Unit to spend a few moments sitting on the edge of the box, feeling the music through their hands and bottoms. We have a tiny boy with no sight and little hearing or voluntary movement. It really is a pleasure to see the reaction on his face when we put him on the Soundbox for a settling time after lunch.

Leighton Reed, Royal School for the Deaf, Manchester, England


The high quality sound system combined with robust, adjustable design makes it particularly suitable for providing Vibroacoustic Therapy for wheel-chair users and adults with limited mobility.

Jenny McNaught, Vibroacoustic Therapy Specialist, Hertfordshire Partnership NHS Trust


... has provided a natural extension within my own work in exploring music/communication using vibro-tactile stimuli. Its large surface area facilitates the opportunity not only for shared activity, but also for the individual to explore and experience vibro-tactile input upon the body.

Tony Heyes, Poolmead Centre for the Deaf, Bath


Originally we brought the Soundbox as just another piece of equipment for our Sensory Room but we're so pleased with it that we're designing a whole new Sound Room, with the Soundbox as its main attraction.

Gary Warrington, Thames Valley Adventure Playground Maidenhead, England