Soundbeam has been around and developing over the past 28 years

SOUNDBEAMS'S ancestor is the Thereminvox, invented by the Russian composer Leon Theremin in 1920. This machine was the inspiration behind composer and Soundbeam originator Edward Williams' 18 year search for a device which would enable dancers to create and shape the music which accompanies them with their own body movements. The prototype of Soundbeam was built in 1984, and by 1989 the machine was being produced commercially by Cornwall-based Electronic Music Studios (EMS), developers of the VCS3 - the first synthesiser to be widely used in schools and universities, and by the more adventurous rock groups.

Vi Spy 

Vi Spy 


The Project has developed as a result of the continuing success of Soundbeam and associated multisensory switching, vibroacoustic, and software products. The Project team reflects a variety of backgrounds - education (including special education), composition, performance and electronics - and as well as being a manufacturer the Project also organises training courses and workshop events. The Soundbeam Project is closely involved in the professional assessment and evaluation of its products and ideas. 

"..we used Soundbeam with a client whose behaviour presents a challenge, any form of interaction resulting in aggressive behaviours. The Soundbeam has been instrumental in breaking down the barriers between this client and carers - interaction coming through the medium of music"
Graham Dearden, Maidstone Priority Care Trust