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Soundbeam has been doing a fair amount of international travel recently including Switzerland and Azerbaijan, see some of the highlights below.

Lastly, don't forget the English Fields or Tintern soundsets on Soundbeam 6 that encapsulates that feeling of lazy hot summer days!

Wishing you a fabulous summer,

Cindy, Tim, Adrian and the Soundbeam team.

Tim has just got back from Baku, Azerbaijan that was hosted by Rehab and Medical our Russian distributors. There was much fun and music making. This film shows a wonderful bit of playing by a boy who had just met Soundbeam and is playing along to Soundbeam 6 soundset 'Two Wooden Spoons' by the wonderful band This Is The Kit.

It was lovely seeing children come alive and expressing themselves through music. Soundbeam was well received and we had a succesful visit.

Soundbeam Baku Boy standing playing.jpg

Adrian has been on the road most of this month doing demonstrations of Soundbeam 6. Two particularly memorable demos was first at a school in Kent, where a girl with Battens Disease played soundbeam with the smallest facial movement, this was achieved by making the beam very short and lots of notes (divisions) added. 

Girl with Battens disease plays Soundbeam at a Soundbeam 6 demonstration


...The second memorable demo was in Wales where a few of the pupils got to try Soundbeam for the first time.

Pupils meet Soundbeam 6 for the first time at a demonstration

Do contact us if you would like a demo, we are also offering discounts on trade ins of earlier versions of Soundbeam. Do get in touch if you would like to know more.



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As Soundbeam is now in its 30th year (woohoo!), we would love to see you and your Soundbeam users talk about your experiences using Soundbeam. Just film it on your phone and send it to us. Contact us for more information, guidelines and T&C's. We are giving one £100 voucher to each organisation or person who sends us their film to use against any purchase of Soundbeam, be it an extra sensor, another switch or a whole kit!


Top tweet from Soundbeam practitioner Gary Ledger @soundalightexp from soundalight experiences:

Excited comment from a #Soundbeam performer on Monday. 'Wow! It's just like Bob Marley's in the room!' Guitar Riffs...Impressive!

Bob Marley 2.jpg