Welcome to our Summer newsletter 2017

We've been having a wonderful busy time with the launch of our brand new SOUNDBEAM 6. We've already received fantastic feedback regarding how quick and easy it is to set up and use, the excellent sounds, inviting touch screen icons and inspiring embedded film that adds an engaging element to each 'soundset'.

Have a look at the clip below of Mike Whitlock from Victoria Education Centre, Poole, meeting Soundbeam 6 for the first time! We are also offering FREE demonstrations of Soundbeam 6, so get in touch to arrange your free demonstration now.

Have an enjoyable summer,

Cindy, Tim, Adrian and the Soundbeam team


Mike enjoyed his first experience with Soundbeam 6. He has also shared with us a lovely little film showing a 'woodland symphony' Mike set up at Victoria Education Centre 


Students at Victoria Education Centre in Poole Dorset perform woodland symphony - movements are detected by Soundbeam sensors positioned in the trees, backing track is played by pressing the wireless Soundbeam switch. Mike Whitlock and colleagues create the installation and record the film.



I'm Soul Inc at St John's Home for Elderly Persons

Wonderful work from Singapore based I'm Soul Inc. This is their first pilot of their Enabling Music Programme. They trained staff, volunteers and the residents. Fantastic results with them using Soundbeam and other music technology



Top tweet and picture this month from Hedleys Studios‏ @HedleysStudios

In Soundscapes,we love it when people make music together! Here are Peter, Steven and Alan jamming together on drums,tambourine & soundbeam!


Do you have any pictures, videos or ideas regarding Soundbeam that we can share in the next newsletter?
Please send them to us, we are always delighted to hear from you!