Welcome to our Spring Newsletter 2018

Spring is traditionally a busy time of year for us as many customers often find a wee bit of money in their budget that needs spending by the end of March. Soundbeam is a very popular piece of assistive technology on which to spend it! Do get in touch if we can help.

Wishing you all a lovely energised spring,

Cindy, Tim, Adrian and the Soundbeam team



We had the very lovely Abby Price visit our studios recently. She used to play Soundbeam as a small child at School. She wanted to visit us and have a play on Soundbeam 6, this is her first time exploring Soundbeam 6. She really enjoyed it and has asked to visit again soon.


Here's a review by Mike Whitlock from Victoria Education of Sounbeam 6.


We''re receiving some wonderful feedback about Soundbeam 6, here's just one of the many testimonials below;

“...Soundbeam 6 is gamechanger.
Most impressive is the immediacy of the device - It’s quick. Believe me when I say you can be ready to deliver a session in the time it takes the unit to boot up. I was able to put it to work in a group performance session without referring to the manual; such is the simplicity of the instrument.

Please click here to read more.

Do you have any pictures, videos or ideas regarding Soundbeam that we can share in the next newsletter?
Please send them to us, we are always delighted to hear from you!

With Spring just around the corner here's a tiny clip of a soundset I was composing on Soundbeam 6 I call Daffodils, based on the famous poem by William Wordsworth. Just having a play around, it's very easy to do!


We are delighted with this in depth article on Soundbeam by Special World . Do have a look here

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Top tweet and video this month from Dr Al Murray @almurray (Yes, THE Al Murray) tweeted " Met the guys from Soundbeam whose music tech for disabled kids is quite brilliant "

Al Murrey.jpg

Al Murrey and other visitors meet Soundbeam 6 at the Music Education and Drama Show Olympia London 2018