Soundbeam 6

Updating the Software – step by step instructions 

Software version.jpg

1.       To check your software version load any soundset – press the cog wheel then press administration, the version number is circled here above. Current version is 640

2.       Click the link HERE to google drive to download the latest software

3.       Download the software to computer

4.       Copy the software from computer onto a USB stick (.sz6 file – this includes subfolders)

5.       Insert USB stick into back of Soundbeam 6

6.       Load any soundset

7.       Press the cog wheel,

8.       Select File transfer to Soundbeam

9.       Select usb stick

10.   Select the file

11.   Wait for thirty seconds for the unit to reboot.

12.   Check software version as above in step 1.

Do email us if you have any questions or need some help