Welcome to our June newsletter!

We had another successful and very enjoyable time at our Soundability course. We completely took over Oxonhoath House, with a Soundbeam in most reception rooms. Wonderful delegates from the UK and USA, much exchanging of ideas regarding Soundbeam and also lots of music sharing at the end of the day. Plenty of fine food was consumed and a few beers too! Thank you to all who made it so much fun again and we're excited to see the pictures of your newly inspired projects in your schools and day centres. Do keep us posted!


Soundability course 2016 music evening jam session, with Soundbeam, ableton Push, guitar and drums


Soundbeam International Liaisons
Tim Swingler one of the directors of Soundbeam has just got back from some international workshops and presentations with our distributors in Russia and Singapore. He was well received and saw how Soundbeam is being used in centres in Russia and elderly care in Singapore.


Here are two lovely films featuring Soundbeam uploaded recently. 

Here you can see a short simple workshop in small ensemble playing with Soundbeam. A magical instrument controlled by movement. The children performing with us, is trying out Soundbeam for the first time in their lives, after we had a performance at their school in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Claranna och Ljudstrale workshop


The Soundbeam Band, live at The Sage, Friday 10th June, 2016 posted by Percy Hedley College

Is your Soundbeam software up to date?

If you purchased your Soundbeam before November 2013 you may want to update your software and gain a new exciting library of soundsets! to learn more click here. If you're not sure which version you have, look at your Soundbeam screen as it starts up, if it says version 1671.1 and up (November 2013) you've got the latest version. If it says a number before 1671.1 you might like to update it.