‘The Soundbeam in Special Education: Movement into Music’ by Pete McPhail/Soundabout

Long awaited – and well worth the wait – this book is a really invaluable resource for Soundbeam users.

Unlike the popular ‘Beaming with Pleasure’ it’s not an activity manual as such, but rather - alongside a wealth of information and practical hints and tips – it gives users a solid rationale for using Soundbeam and a sound basis for constructing a methodical approach to using the Soundbeam resource with special needs children.

The book could be especially useful to teachers who have ‘inherited’ Soundbeam, who understand how it works, but who are less clear about what they might be able to achieve with it. Along with the (free) ‘Welcome to Soundbeam 2’ DVD, this is a package to get the most reluctant technophobe started.

‘The Soundbeam in Special Education’ is available from the Soundbeam Project at £16 including p+p.