Welcome to our July newsletter!

We've enjoyed a busy month with a trip to Austria and later in the month we attended the pre conference for the International Society of Music Education in Scotland, hosted by Drake Music Scotland, where we met some inspiring people.

Our Teaching Music with Soundbeam publication is being well received with the majority of orders being for the full 7 unit compendium. David Ashworth, the author and Tim from Soundbeam trialled one of the exercises from the book at Pear Tree School near Preston, The lesson was fun and very productive and we are really pleased with the outcome. We should have some film of the session soon with interviews with the teachers too.

Wishing you all a very happy and beaming summer!

Cindy, Tim, Adrian and the Soundbeam team


Below are some of our favourite videos posted this month...


Pushing the boundaries of inclusivity - NAFA Letters


She, Elvis Costello - Therese playing sound beam

...and here's Tim's master class playing a piece of music by Ravel with Soundbeam, using three user-defined note/chord sequences and a MIDI control chain on the switches. Aimed primarily skilled Soundbeam players with a good working knowledge of the technology, the programming element is not described in the film. 


Soundbeam masterclass - playing classical music

Is your Soundbeam software up to date?

If you purchased your Soundbeam before November 2013 you may want to update your software and gain a new exciting library of soundsets! to learn more click here. If you're not sure which version you have, look at your Soundbeam screen as it starts up, if it says version 1671.1 and up (November 2013) you've got the latest version. If it says a number before 1671.1 you might like to update it.