Welcome to our Christmas Special Newsletter

We are all excited for this festive period, so in time for the Christmas concerts and winter celebrations we have just released an update for the Soundbeam 6 which includes three FREE new soundsets, one of which is very special and features Gaelynn Lea, a wonderful singer/songwriter and beautiful violinist. The Soundset has film showing Gaelynn playing at NPR's tiny desk concert and you can play along with her on the beams and switches. It really is very lovely. To get the update, please go to our webpage and follow the instructions.

You can come see Gaelynn play in Bristol UK this Thursday December 7th, venue The Elephant House, tickets from The Exchange Bristol

Lastly, don't forget the Christmas Soundsets in Soundbeam 5 & 6 (with film if you have Soundbeam 6).

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas and best wishes for the festive holidays,

Cindy, Adrian, Tim and the Soundbeam team

Soundbeam Christmas 2016.jpg


Gaelynn Lea gig at The Elephant House Bristol, this Thursday 7th December -  tickets from the Exchange in Bristol - please come along, all the Soundbeam team will be there too so do say hello!



We were sent this uplifting film in by Enrico Zanella musician, composer and music teacher, it's an excerpt from a recent concert by the Orchestra Scia Scia which he works and conducts with in Italy since 2009. They use Soundbeam sensors and switches along with traditional instruments to dramatic effect! The orchestra consists of 13 musicians, 10 of which have physical and mental disabilities. Enrico said that at the end of the piece, people (almost 200) stood up for a very long standing ovation after seeing and hearing the musicians playing with so much effort, precision and attention.


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