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We are busy fulfilling orders and running Skype as well as onsite training. We're receiving more requests for Skype training and demonstrations as this low cost, easy to set up training fits well with peoples hectic schedules. Do get in touch if you would like to discuss the options, Skype sessions start from £75 per hour for a small group.

Don't forget the Haunted House soundset in Soundbeams 2, 5 and 6 (and the film if you have Soundbeam 6) and have some Halloween fun!

Cindy, Tim, Adrian and the Soundbeam team

Haunted House.jpg


Adrian and Tim had a fantastic show at REHACARE Germany.  Here's a clip of some of the people meeting Soundbeam 6 for the first time.

We're receiving some wonderful feedback from delighted Soundbeam 6 users:

“...Soundbeam 6 is gamechanger.
Most impressive is the immediacy of the device - It’s quick. Believe me when I say you can be ready to deliver a session in the time it takes the unit to boot up. I was able to put it to work in a group performance session without referring to the manual; such is the simplicity of the instrument.

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Soundbeam is very pleased to be co-hosting the super talented and very enchanting Gaelynn Lea - We're hoping to do a special Soundbeam collaboration with her soon, details to be announced. The gig is at the Exchange in Bristol on 7th December - please tell your friends and come along!.


We want to send our congratulation to the wonderful Bryher Pennells on her retirement after 25 years of outstanding work with children with special needs. She's celebrated this by self funding a stall at the TES Show 6th - 7th October. as she says " to 'Give Back' by highlighting 4 of the most exciting areas that I have been privileged to work in with students in recent years" . We had a lovely time with music, robots and Honey!



Top tweet and video this month from GANTON MUSIC THERAPY
LILY ROSE SOUNDBEAM VID #soundbeam #music #disability


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