Soundbeam 5

It's a Soundbeam, it's a synthesiser, it's a sampler, It's an amplifier, it's a drum machine - hence the '5'!

The team at Soundbeam have been listening to their customers over the past twenty years, and this new version of Soundbeam incorporates a host of new features which users have consistently been asking for.

The 'all in one' machine massively cuts down on the amount of connecting up required - simply plug in your beams and speakers and you're off (the 8-input Switchbox uses wireless control).

The unit also contains a sampler allowing students to record their own voices or other sounds and integrate these into their compositions, and the SD card can also contain hundreds of rhythm loops and sound effect samples, so this Soundbeam comes with a lot more 'environmental' soundsets than its predecessor (The 'Haunted House' favourite is still there, along with 'jungle', 'weather', 'destruction', 'space' and many more including World Music themes such as Gamelan).

The 'session record' function allows for an entire performance or session to be recorded, and the melodic (or 'cyclic') trigger mode allows for accurate melodic and harmonic playing.

The machine retains the MIDI functionality of Soundbeam 2 so that users have the option to use external hardware or software synths alongside or instead of the internal sound library, and is USB enabled so that music and future upgrades can be downloaded from the Soundbeam website. Key functions can be assigned to switches allowing players real independence and control.

Soundbeam 5 product page